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Stephanie Rohweder

Blogger, Amateur Chef, Food Enthusiast

Stephs Apron, foodie, blogger, chef

Welcome to my food blog!

Here you will find all the comfort foods you know and love without the guilt of all the calories! Healthy food doesn't have to mean kale salads and juice cleanses, unless that's your kind of thing of course. You can have all the foods you crave while boosting your energy level and staying in shape.

Growing up as a dancer made me very critical of my body and how I looked! While I was never overweight often times I'd still be wanting to shed a few pounds here and there to get the "toned and skinny" ballerina look. Being a lover of chocolate and cupcakes I knew that would never happen. I'd eat whatever I'd want until a show was coming up or some big event and as a result would cut back drastically on the amount of food I ate to get "in shape." Newsflash: THIS IS NOT HEALTHY! It'd work great for a week or two and then I'd be right back to eating unhealthy foods, the weight would creep back on, sometimes with a few extra pounds, because I would over indulge.

I knew I needed to rebuild my relationship with food. I started searching the web, pinning recipes on Pinterest and experimenting in the kitchen and my love of cooking was born. You CAN eat healthy and STILL enjoy chocolate and cupcakes while shedding a few pounds and feeling great! My hopes for you is that you find these recipes as eye opening as I did and start to reset your way of thinking about food! 


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