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Cajun Fried Catfish

Golden, crispy and delicious! I recently got a new air fryer and I absolutely love it! All the taste of fried goodness without all the oil!

My husband and I recently took a vacation to Hilton Head in South Carolina and I became inspired by all the delicious seafood out there and wanted to create my own! Cajun seasoning is one of my favorites to use when I'm looking for any quick meal. It tastes great on chicken or fish so I thought I'd combine it with the power of the air fryer and voila, my cajun catfish was born!

Cajun Fried Catfish

Cook Time | Approx. 30 | Servings: 2 | Calories per serving: ~256 cals


2 -6 oz catfish fillets

1/2 cup of breadcrumbs

2 tbsp cajun seasoning

1 egg white

Cooking spray oil

pinch of salt

pinch of pepper


Season the cat fish fillet on both sides with salt and pepper. In one bowl prepare the egg white, in a second separate bowl combine the breadcrumbs and cajun seasoning.

Dip the catfish fillet in the egg white coating both sides. Then dip into the bread crumb mixture being sure to cover the entire fillet. Repeat for second fillet.

Spray the bottom of your air fryer with a cooking oil and place the fillets in the basket. Lightly spray the tops of your catfish with oil.

Cook in the air fryer according to manufacturers recommendations. Mine was on 360 for 20 minutes but each air fryer can cook differently. The fillets should be white and flakey when cooked through. If you do not have an air fryer you can cook in the oven on 350 for about 20 minutes, making sure it flakes when cooked.

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Stephanie Rohweder

Blogger, Amateur Chef, Food Enthusiast

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