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Raspberry Mousse

This raspberry mousse is one of my favorites! It has a subtle fruit flavor with lots of sweetness, and I have a big sweet tooth! It is versatile and can be a great addition to almost any dessert. My favorite is pairing it with my chocolate brownie bites!

The secret in this recipe comes from the Walden Farms brand raspberry spread. Now the Walden Farms brand has been very controversial, everything they make is zero calories! I know some things they make aren't the most tasty, and well, quite frankly taste like chemicals. But others have nice potential and can be tasty when mixed in with other things. A great way to flavor your foods without adding calories, but I'll be writing a food for thought blog on the Walden Brand coming soon. For now let's just stick with the raspberry spread.

Raspberry Mousse

Cook Time: Approx. 10 min | Servings: 1 (tops 5-7 individual sized desserts) |

Calories per serving: ~222 cals (adds about 30-45 calories per individual dessert)


1 cup cool whip light

1 tsp powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tsp walden farms raspberry spread


Add all ingredients into a mixer and mix on high speed until throughly combined. Top on cupcakes, brownies, or other favorite dessert item!

I topped mine on my brownie bites and sprinkled with ghirardelli chocolate shavings.

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Stephanie Rohweder

Blogger, Amateur Chef, Food Enthusiast

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